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Dan Rossiter is a tireless, results-driven community leader with a decade of experience nationally designing and managing innovative transportation solutions for state and local governments. Here at home, Dan has served as President of Thunderbird Hills Neighborhood for many years and served on numerous local boards and commissions, including the 2022-27 Streets Bond Committee where he advised council how best to invest half a billion dollars to improve city roads. Dan’s national and local experience and unwavering dedication to his community makes him the ideal candidate to serve as your next District 7 council person.


Dan brings a decade of experience working with government agencies to design large scale transportation solutions and familiarity with the existing roadway challenges in District 7. He is additionally a founding member of the SAMCo Future Mobility Technologies Subcommittee, working to secure funding for innovative mobility solutions in the San Antonio region.

Public Safety

Dan is committed to fostering a secure and inclusive community through ongoing investment in the SAPD, and by embracing innovative strategies for community policing that guarantee every resident in District 7 experiences a sense of safety and security.


Dan prioritizes investment in greenspace, as demonstrated by his securing 10 acres of park land during his 4-year tenure as President of Thunderbird Hills. He will continue to advocate for usable green space such as creekways which support pedestrian and bike travel through District 7.


On day 1, Dan will begin work with city departments such as 311, Information Technology Services (ITSD), the Office of Innovation and others to develop a publicly accessible ticket tracking system for the district to provide transparency and accountability for the work we are doing.


Dan is a founding member of the Housing Commission Renters Solutions Subcommittee. He brings a deep understanding of the San Antonio housing market and the appraisal practices which contribute to unaffordable property taxes. He will advocate for policy changes which ease the burden on taxpayers.

Animal Care

Dan is the only candidate to have put forward concrete policy recommendations to protect victims of animal violence. Additionally, Dan has spoken at length on the need to invest in spay/neuter programs, educating residents and increasing accessability to these services. This investment now will ultimately save taxpayer dollars through reducing the unhoused animal population.

About Dan

For ten years, Dan has worked at the largest applied research and development organization in the city, Southwest Research Institute, whose mission is applying technology to benefit government, industry, and all of humanity. In this role, his focus has been designing and implementing innovative technology that supports transportation for state and local governments. This professional experience equips Dan to understand complex infrastructure challenges, to develop robust and beneficial solutions, and to communicate with a wide variety of audiences locally and nationally.

Additionally, for the past four years, Dan has served as President of the Thunderbird Hills Neighborhood Association, one of the largest neighborhoods in San Antonio with a sprawling and complex constituency spanning multiple council districts. As President, Dan facilitated successful negotiations between developers looking to do business in the neighborhood and residents wanting to avoid being adjacent to the development. The end result for these negotiations ensured developers were able to do business, residents had their concerns mitigated, and in one instance the broader neighborhood got a new 10-acre park out of the deal.

Dan has served in numerous advisory roles across the community, including years of service on Brooks Development Authority Board of Directors; the Housing Commission’s Renters Solutions Subcommittee; and the 2022-27 Streets, Bridges, and Sidewalks Community Bond Committee, which advised Council on the allocation of nearly half a billion dollars in infrastructure investments across the city.

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