In January of 2021, John’s home was hit by a drunk driver, nearly killing his wife and granddaughter. The vehicle landed inside his bedroom inches from where his wife was sleeping and where his granddaughter would have been sleeping if she’d been there that night.

After years of inaction by the City of San Antonio to resolve recurring safety concerns at this intersection, Dan got to work. January of this year, two years after that fateful day, the City began work on phase one to reconfigure the intersection, making it safer for John and his neighbors due to Dan’s advocacy, working directly with city departments including Public Works, Transportation, and even the Parks Department to ultimately find a resolution for these residents in need.

John and other residents in similar situations are the reason Dan quit his decade-long career at Southwest Research Institute to focus full time working for the residents of District 7. Residents deserve a proven national and local leader with the experience to drive meaningful change.