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Press Release: Dan Rossiter retires from his role at Southwest Research Institute The candidate is “all in” on District 7 race

Dan Rossiter smiling

San Antonio, Texas (February 6, 2023) – After ten years working at Southwest Research Institute (SwRI), supporting public agencies across the nation in their pursuit of safer and more effective transportation, Dan Rossiter is retiring in order to focus full time on his campaign for the City of San Antonio District 7 race.

During his career at SwRI, Dan quickly rose through the ranks, serving in a wide range of roles from technical design and execution of large scale transportation initiatives to building entirely new business verticals within the organization, generating millions in annual revenue. Dan has served in leadership roles for statewide transportation projects in Florida, California, Pennsylvania, and New Mexico among others.

Central to Dan’s success is an unwavering dedication to working closely with government agencies to understand their challenges, and applying his domain and technical expertise to design innovative solutions to address these challenges.

“As a champion of San Antonio’s infrastructure growth, I believe Dan’s expertise will drive innovative success and long-term growth for District 7,” says Pat Jasso, Treasurer for Rossiter’s campaign.

Dan is keen to apply this same skill set which made him successful at SwRI to the challenge at hand – representing all District 7 residents at City Hall to ensure continual movement toward a better tomorrow, pushing innovation in how the city addresses growing infrastructure deficits, providing equitable public safety throughout the community, and ensuring accountability from both city departments and elected officials.


Dan for D7 – Dan Rossiter is an enthusiastic community leader seeking your vote for the San Antonio District 7 City Council seat. Dan is a small business owner and has spent the last decade working with state and local government agencies to build solutions which today serve tens of millions of people nationwide. In his community he has served as president of Thunderbird Hills for many years and served on numerous boards and commissions for organizations serving the San Antonio community.

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